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Frequently asked questions
How to order a book at VSPVU?
To order you must create an account. You can do this during the ordering process.
Will I receive a Track-and-Trace code?
You will receive a Track-and-Trace code via email from postNL when your package is packed and ready to be sent. You can find out when your package will be delivered on the website mentioned in the e-mail.
What do I pay for shipping?
The shipping costs are €3.50 regardless of the size of the order.
Who provides the books?
On behalf ofVSPVU the VU Boekhandel ships the books. Delivery is done by postNL.
How long does it take to deliver a book?
Books in stock will be delivered the next working day. We can therefore supply almost all textbooks very quickly. If the books are out of stock, delivery of Dutch-language textbooks takes 2 and non-Dutch-language textbooks 3 working days; exceptions excluded.
Questions? Then mail to: click here We are happy to help.
I have not received my order (yet), what should I do?
Online you can see if your order has been shipped or is still being processed.
If your order has the status 'shipped' in your account, but you have not received it yet, please check the Track-and-Trace code you received in your mailbox first. If you have not received your order 3 working days after it has been sent, please send an e-mail to: click here We are happy to help you.
In order to serve you as soon as possible, we kindly ask you to mention your order number in the e-mail.
How can I pay?
You can pay with Ideal or with credit card.

Where can I find information about my invoices and payments?
You can check the status of your orders and view your invoices online via my account. Forgot your password? Request it online via Password forgotten.

How long will it take for my payment to be processed?
Your payment via Ideal will be processed immediately after you have paid online through the bank. You can see that you have paid electronically by a mention on the invoice and an email you receive from the bank. In our case, this is Worldline, which processes payments from banks and credit cards.

I would like to have a copy of the invoice. How do I get it?
You can easily download a copy from my account.

Can I still change the details on my invoice?
You cannot change the invoice yourself (online). If you want a customised invoice, you can contact us via email: click here

I have returned or cancelled my item. When will I get my money back?
We aim to refund returns and cancellations as quickly as possible. f you haven't received anything after a week, please send an e-mail stating your name and the title of the book:
How do I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order during the ordering process. To do so, remove the books from your shopping cart. Have you already paid and do you want to cancel? In this case, please contact the VU Boekhandel. Please state your order details in the communication.

I cancelled my order, but the book was delivered anyway. What should I do?
If your order was delivered despite a cancellation, the order was already too far in the process to cancel. In this case, please contact us by e-mail. Please state the order details in the communication.
Email: click here
Undamaged books can be returned in accordance with Sections 6, 7 and 8 of our Terms of Delivery Returns. The Buyer has the obligation under the Distance Selling Act to examine upon delivery whether the goods comply with the contract. If this is not the case, the Buyer must inform the Seller in writing or by e-mail within ten working days of receipt. If it has been demonstrated that the goods do not comply with the agreement, the company has VSPVU the choice of replacing the products in question with new products after their return or refunding the invoice value of the products.

If you want to return a book, you must send the purchase receipt (a copy) with the shipment.

You can never return textbooks in the last week before the exam, nor after the period has ended.

Can I also return a book via VSPVU ?
Yes, you can do that by returning the book, but it is easier to go to the VU Boekhandel. When you visit the shop, please bring your purchase receipt and clearly state that it is a purchase via: VSPVU . You must meet the above conditions to return a book.

Which textbooks should I NEVER return?
Except for technical defects, books that have been sold sealed (with plastic wrapping) and are no longer sealed will NOT be taken back.
Books that have a code will never be taken back!
Return shipments will only be accepted if the goods are undamaged.

Who pays the return costs?
The costs of these returns shall be borne by the buyer.
Return shipments are at the risk of the buyer. This means that VSPVU are not liable for damage or loss of returned items. Therefore, always ask for a Track-and-Trace code.

Will I automatically get my money back if I return an order?
f your return meets the above conditions, the purchase price will be refunded to your bank account. If you come to exchange a book in the shop, the purchase price will also be refunded to your bank account. Study books can ONLY after consultation with and permission of an employee of the VU Boekhandel VSPVU be exchanged.
PLEASE NOTE! extbooks will NEVER be taken back in the last week before the exam and when the period is finished.

I have bought a study book, but I am going to stop my studies. Can I return the study book?
ou can only return textbooks if you can prove that you are quitting your studies. Bring your purchase receipt(s) to the VU Bookstore and clearly state that you purchased via VSPVU. The books must be in perfect condition. The VU Bookshop charges a 20% return fee on its behalf VSPVU 20%.
Do I have with VSPVU guarantee on my items?
All items purchased from the website VSPVU are subject to the statutory warranty regulations. This means that an item must be in good condition. If you receive an item/book where this is not the case, we will be happy to help you find a suitable solution. We may send a replacement or refund the purchase price.

I have ordered books from VSPVU, but they arrived damaged. What should I do?
You have the right to return damaged books bought from VSPVU to return within 14 days. You can return the book by post.
How do I create an account?
During the ordering process, enter your address details and choose the delivery method. You can then view and modify your data via my account.
The next time you order, you can also make changes to the delivery address and to the billing address.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Via my account you can easily retrieve your password from the website. After entering your email address, you will receive a password reset link via email.

I have moved, where can I report this?
You can change your details the next time you order or directly via my account. If you want your book to be delivered somewhere else than to the address you gave when you placed your order? In this case, please contact one of the employees of the order department. Please state your order details in the communication.

I have a different e-mail address, where can I report this?
You can change your details the next time you order or directly via my account. If you do not want to order anything and find it easier that we adjust it? In this case, please contact one of the employees of the order department. Please mention in the communication that it is an order via VSPVU.
Email: click here

I want to receive my order at another address than my home address. Can this be done?
You will receive the books at the address you provided when ordering. Is this not the right address? In this case, please contact us by e-mail: Please mention in the communication that it is an order via VSPVU.
Where can I buy my textbooks?
Study books on this website from VSPVU can be bought online here. You can also buy books at a discount in the VU Bookstore on presentation of your membership. The unique lowest-price guarantee that VSPVU offers you can't get your textbooks cheaper anywhere!

lowest-price guarantee
You can't find the textbooks that VSPVU delivers cheaper anywhere in the Netherlands. As a member, you get the lowest-price guarantee! Can you buy the study book cheaper at a regular Dutch web shop (also!)? Then you get the difference back. Please note that this guarantee only applies in the run-up to and during the period that you need the study book.
Questions? Then mail to: click here

Can I see which textbooks VSPVU have in stock?
You cannot see which books are in stock on our website. As a rule of thumb, all textbooks for the current and upcoming term can be delivered the next working day if ordered online. f you want to be absolutely sure? Mail to: click here and receive an answer the same working day.

Ik heb een studieboek nodig en het vak is al begonnen, maar het boek is niet op voorraad. Wat nu?
Incidenteel kan gebeuren dat er enige vertraging optreedt bij het leveren van studieboeken. Wij doen er alles aan om de verplichte studieboeken zo snel mogelijk op voorraad te hebben. Meestel geldt: heb jij het niet dan hebben de anderen het ook niet. Wij doen onze uiterste beste iedereen zo snel mogelijk het boek te leveren. Bij problemen informeren we de docent.

I have bought a textbook, but I want to stop the course. Can I still return the book?
You can return study books in exceptional cases in consultation with a staff member of the VU Boekhandel. Please mention immediately that it is an order via VSPVU

I am going to follow a course, but I cannot find it on the website of VSPVU. What should I do now?
For some courses no books are prescribed. These courses are therefore not available online. Of course, it may be that a subject is not listed and a book is required. We would like to hear about this mistake via: click here.

I would like to buy all my textbooks at once, is that possible?
You can buy textbooks for the whole year, but we strongly discourage it. It is not only expensive, but you also take a risk. Sometimes there are changes in the prescribed literature, or new editions of books appear. This may mean that you have bought the wrong book, or that you have bought a book that you do not need at all. If you order books by period, you are always on the safe side!

How much of a discount do I get on my textbooks if I am a member of VSPVU?
If you are a member of VSPVU, you get a very high discount on your textbooks.

Discount on Dutch language textbooks
Before a period begins, you will receive a 10 per cent discount on Dutch-language titles when you order online via VSPVU. This has to do with Dutch legislation. You will receive this discount only in the period mentioned with the titles online. If the period has started you will receive a 5 procent online discount when you buy 2 different Dutch-language books from a study association.

Discount on English-language books
English language (study) books are always super cheap if you are a member of VSPVU. Please also note the lowest price guarantee that applies to you as a member of VSPVU. This way you always pay the lowest price for foreign books.

Where can I become a member of VSPVU?
Become a member of VSPVU while ordering! hat is easy to do. Your first order will usually save you the membership fee!. You can also become a member directly at the VU Boekhandel. Please fill in the form at the cash desk. Of course, you can also drop by VSPVU.

Do I also get a discount on study books that I buy in the VU Bookstore if I am a member of a study association?
If you are a member of a study association, you will get a sticker on your student card. As a result, all study associations allow you to buy your study books at the VU Boekhandel with a discount. ou have to show your sticker at the cash register.
Does VSPVU sells second-hand textbooks?
Second-hand books are sold via this website to members of VSPVU.

Can I sell my textbooks via VSPVU?
You can offer your textbooks for sale if you don't need them any more. Please visit this site under "Second-hand". It's simple and you receive money immediately when your book is sold.

What price do I pay for a second-hand book?
That differs per book. When ordering, you can choose between 'used' and 'heavily used'. In the latter case, you pay even less, but then there are more markings in the book.
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